International Education

The RiverBank School

The RiverBank School

RCCG City of David, Didelou Estate, Victoria Island, Nigeria

00 234 1 454 33 85

The RiverBank School

School type Co-educational Day

Head of school Mrs Regina Jemide

Co-ed Age Range 2-11

Curriculum UK, SAT The RiverBank School is an independent co-educational school with a population of 280 children. It is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. We are a Christian school and we accept children from 3 months (Creche) to Year 6.

We have a vision of raising God fearing child leaders and we operate on sound moral values which are right standing, integrity, vision, excellence and refining.

The most important thing for us is that children enjoy being here. They look forward to coming to school each day and we seek to empower our students with the confidence to express themselves effectively in both public and private lives. We foster an atmosphere in which mistakes are not reproached but seen rather as an essential part of a child's development. We believe in playing to pupils strengths: in drawing out what is within each person rather than seeing a child as a vessel to be filled.

The Nursery provides a highly stimulating and welcoming environment for children to learn through interaction with each other and adults. They learn through play with songs, games and through the enthusiasm of their teachers. We work in small groups and one-on-one with each child at the younger end of the school to ensure that pupils moving to Year 1 are:

1) Able to read and enjoy reading.

2) Able to write and enjoy writing.

3) Are able to enjoy school and are confident in their abilities.

At the RiverBank, every child is important and are carried along by our dedicated team. The development of a total child is our aim and we work towards equipping them with skills by offering a variety of extra curricular activities based on the British National curriculum. We make provision for children with Special Educational Needs and the gifted and talented children.