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The National Training Center was established on November 6, 1989. It is based at Central Mindanao University, the zonal university for agriculture in Mindanao.   Under general supervision, the Agricultural Training Institute, National Training Center for Mindanao shall Administer training programs for the Department of Agriculture personnel in regions of coverage, including the development of location-specific prototype instructional materials, conduct of training research activities and monitoring and evaluation of training programs conducted and applied communication materials disseminated.


ATIbldngpic.jpg (24344 bytes)The Agricultural Training Institute takes as its basic premise that man is the center of all development activities.  His active involvement in every aspect of development is vital to his self-realization.  Hence, mobilizing collective efforts through human resource development and creating appropriate structures for their viability are fundamental to farm family-focused, cultural and rural development.


Emergence of organized, dynamic, self-reliant and globally competitive farmers and fisher entrepreneurs.


Agricultural Training Institute is committed to serve as a full-fledged academe for agricultural development managers, extensionists, farmers, fisherfolk, rural entrepreneurs, women and the youth to catalyze agriculture and fisheries modernization in the next millennium.


Section 14 (b) and 20 (b) of Executive Order No. 116 mandate the Agricultural Training Institute to:

1. Train agricultural extension workers and their clientele;

2. Conduct multi-level training programs to promote and accelerate rural development;

3. Ensure that research results are communicated to the farmers through appropriate training and extension activities.


1. Agricultural Manpower Development Program

2. Center Network Development Program

3. Development Support Communication Program

4. Training Research Program



The major training offerings emphasize on the acquisition of relevant knowledge, appropriate skills and desirable attitude towards work.  Training courses focus on:

1. Entrepreneurship; 2. Extension Delivery; 3. Project Development; 4. Farming Systems Development; 5. Management and Supervisory Development; 6. Institutional Development; 7. Package of Application Technology (PAT)


Central Mindanao University and other State Universities and Colleges, Regional and Provincial Offices of DA, DECS, DENR, DOH, NEDA, NIA, QUEDANCOR, LGUs, NFA, DOST, LBP, NNC, DTI, BPRE, RCPC, Philrice, TESDA, etc.

Agricultural Training Institute

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Agricultural Training Institute - NTC

Agricultural Training Institute

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