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International British Academy

International British Academy

KM25 General Aguinaldo Highway, Anabu 2D, Imus City, Cavite, Philippines

+63 46 471 59 22

International British Academy

School type Co-educational Day

Co-ed Age Range 3-17

Number of pupils 415

Curriculum UK, IGCSE Located on the outskirts of Metro Manila, in Imus, Cavite, the International British Academy (IBA), is a welcoming and friendly school delivering an unequalled academic programme that incorporates the best of both British and Singapore modules together with the local standard K-12 curriculum specifically offering advanced courses in Maths, Science and Humanities.

In addition to the academic programme, the school offers a wide variety of clubs and after-school activities which include sports, ballet, music, art, cooking, martial arts and drama. The school also has an accredited Home School Programme.

The student body is normally comprised of around 22 different nationalities giving the students a meaningful exposure to diverse cultures.

IBA's basic academic programme offers classes from the Nursery level to Year 12:

Nursery to Year 2

These fundamental levels of our programme aim to build a solid foundation in the core subjects of Mathematics, English, and Science and instill a love of learning and discovery.

Year 3 to Year 6

During these academic years, the students develop a further understanding of the core subjects as well as gain confidence and self esteem to ensure a smooth transition to Secondary School or High School.

Year 7 to Year 10

Subject areas are explored at greater depth at these Secondary School levels, and the students are exposed to a variety of avenues to assist them in making the correct choices for the final two years of High School.

Year 11 to Year 12

During these final years of formal schooling, students are prepared for, not only furthering their studies in college or university, but also the skills necessary for them to be successful in life.

All of IBA's students are encouraged to reach their full potential through quality teaching practices that are adapted by our exceedingly dedicated and talented teachers and staff. The school is proud of the successful entry of its students in prestigious colleges and universities in the Philippines and abroad.

As a school community, high expectations have been established to develop well-rounded and confident students by setting them in a nurturing environment where they will feel safe, happy, and valued. IBA treats the entire community as a family - bringing out the best in each individual.