International Education

British International School of Cracow

ul. Smolensk 25, 31-108, Krakow, Poland
Tel: (+48) 12 292 64 80
Fax: (+48) 12 292 64 81
office@britintschool. krakow. pl
www.britintschool. krakow. pl
School Summary:
National, UK, curricula.
100 students, 3-19 yrs

The British International School of Cracow (BISC) was founded in order to provide an English-based education to the growing international community in Cracow, based on the English National Curriculum. The BISC opened on 1 September, 1995, and now educates children between the ages of three and nineteen, from twenty different countries.
The British International School of Cracow (BISC) is accredited by three English examining boards: London University (Edexcel), Cambridge University, and NEAB, entitling students to sit IGCSE, 'AS' and 'A' level examinations on the school premises.
The British International School of Cracow (BISC) contains well-equipped science and ICT labs, a growing library, and gym facilities/swimming pool located close by. All school textbooks are purchased from the UK.
Class sizes are small throughout the school, which allows teachers to meet the educational needs of the individual pupil. Foreign languages are strongly emphasised, and non-fluent speakers of English follow an ESL programme. French and German pupils are offered three hours tuition per week in their native language, upon parental request.
Twice a year, all children from Key Stages 2 and 3 (ages 7-14) attend a week's camp in the mountains of Southern Poland or Slovakia; a ski camp in January and a 'Green' camp held during May where outdoor activities are emphasised. Both camps also contain daily lessons in core subjects.
The The British International School of Cracow (BISC) has very strong art, music and drama departments. Each year these subjects combine in concerts and musical productions. Individual class performances also take place at various times during the year. Extra-curricular events include ice-skating, a dance club, a maths club, and weekly instruction in 'survival' Polish for parents.
The The British International School of Cracow (BISC) has a very active PTA, which meets every month, and an Advisory Board which holds six meetings per year. The PTA strongly promotes voluntary mothers' help within the school, and also organizes social events for pupils, staff and parents.