International Education

British International School, Lodz

Sterlinga 26, Lodz, POLAND
www.britschool. lodz. pl
e-mail: britschool@ipt. pl
School Summary:
The Institute of Creative Activity supported by the Academy of Humanities and Economics founded the British International School in Lodz for children of foreigners working in Poland, especially in the Lodz Region.
Key Stages 1-4, ages 5-16, which is compulsory worldwide.
Adapted British National Curriculum enriched by international and Polish themes.
We have already initiated the process of accreditation from the Council of International Schools.

The school offers education at Key Stages 1-4, ages 5-16, which is compulsory worldwide. School is situated in Lodz in Poland. School existed from 2005.
CURRICULUM The school curriculum isbased on the British International Schools standards the British International Curriculum.  

STAFF The school employs teachers with relevant education and personal profile. Staff recruitment procedures followstrict formal requirements of international education.

FACILITIES modern computer class rooms, library, etc.
SCHOOL YEAR AND SCHOOL DAY School for children from 5-13 years old. School day  started 8: 15 a. m and finished 5: 30 p. m
EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY We strive to provide a world-class education in English for our pupils, enhanced by a strong European and international dimension. We emphasise pupils  understanding of and respect for their own culture and that of others to enable them to communicate and engage with peoples around the world. We regard our pupils as individuals with unique learning styles and multiple intelligences which we address and whose development during the school years shapes their autonomous attitudes practiced confidently in and outside school. We offer here the innovative teaching and learning which develops creative and self-confident learners who speak foreign languages with ease, use information technology efficiently and are active members of international community, of which the school is a part.