International Education

International School, Kraków

Address: School Summary: National, US, curricula. 42 students, 3-18 yrs
The International School of Krakow is the fastest growing International School in the region. We are certain that this is directly related to our democratic governance, emphasis on children and not-for-profit status. We invest all of our resources in our students and we're very proud of our offerings. Our curriculum is an international one with the PYP for Nursery through age 12 and the International High School Curriculum for ages 13 through 18. We have gifted extension programs across all ages with Johns Hopkins University, The University of Nebraska and Stetson University in addition to offering AP, A-Level, CNED, and IGCSE coursework. We have designed our offerings to meet the needs of an international population for re-integration into education systems other than our own. In other words, our goal is to prepare students for success wherever they may come from and where ever they're planning to go. ISK was established by the American School of Warsaw in in 1993. In 1998, the growth of the (American) International School of Krakow allowed it to operate as an independent institution. In 2004, as a reflection of our changing student population, we adopted an international program to best meet the needs of our students. In doing so, we became the International School of Krakow. In 2005, ISK joined forces with the Krakow International School Project, an initiative of the of the region's leading international companies to promote the development of international education. We are currently working on expanding our program through cooperative educational endeavors with some of Krakow's finest institutions of higher education. ISK has an open Admissions policy for students ages 3 to 18 (grades Nursery to High School) who can benefit from our program. All instruction is in English and a command of the English language becomes a prerequisite in the older grades. Admission is condition on a review of a student's current school records, and final registration is completed when we have received the application form, student's school records and medical forms. ISK is housed in a spacious and charming 18th century historical building, which has been renovated to include modern computer labs, classrooms and common areas. Our current student body numbers over 73 students and represents 16 nations. ISK currently has a student-to-teacher ratio of two to one. Our school community is extremely strong with generous parent involvement. We also have information available through the US Department of Sate, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce. We are supported in our pursuit of school development by the US Consulate General, German Consulate General, Austrian Consulate General, Danish Consulate/ Nordic Center, French Consulate General and others.