International Education

Meridian International School

Ul Wawelska 66/74, 02-034, Warsaw, Poland
Tel: (+48) 22 822 1575
Fax: (+48) 22 822 2013 pl pl
School Summary:
National, International curricula.
80 students, 12-16 yrs

The Meridian International School was founded in 2002 to for both Polish and international students. Presently, the Meridian International School offers middle school (Gymnasium) education. High school (Lyceum) section is scheduled to open in 2005. There are plans to include also a primary school section. The school has accepted its first class of students to the first grade of Gymnasium (7th grade) in 2002. Every year maximum three classes of new students will be admitted. Currently, students follow the national curriculum with specific arrangements made to cover UK curriculum. With the introduction of high school section, Meridian International School will offer IB diploma Programme. Grades 9 and 10 will follow the IGCSE, followed by the International 'A' level certificates in grades 11 and 12. The instruction of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer classes is in English for all students with extensive support for children whose English language are below satisfactory level. The rest of the classes are taught in Polish language for Polish children. Students begin to study a second foreign language in the second year of their education. The Meridian International School is located in the city center within easy reach of bus and tram routes. The building itself is a completely renovated historical landmark. Meridian International School has modern physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs along with separate, air--conditioned classrooms for all classes taught. Students have physical education classes in a modern gym and swimming pool. Other facilities include a spacious conference hall and library, a cafeteria where lunch is given.