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Collegium Civitas Kasimir Pulaski Technical University of Radom
The IB Diploma is treated by the Kasimir Pulaski Technical University of Radom as an equivalent to a Polish Secondary School Diploma and as such regarded as an admissions qualification for entrance to the University.
Medical University of Gdansk
Medical University of Warsaw
Poznan University of Technology
Szkola Glowna Handlowa
Technical University of Lublin
The Catholic University of Lublin
University of Gdansk
University of Lodz
IB Diploma holders with a score of at least 38 points can apply to all the study courses at the University of Lodz and are exempted from the qualification procedures. The final decision as to the admission is made after a candidate has provided the original of his/her IB Diploma along with a document certifying its equivalence with a Polish secondary school matriculation certificate (such documents are issued by a respective Education Department (Kuratorium Oswiaty) in the candidate's city of residence.
IB Diploma holders with a score of less than 38 points may take entrance examinations or undergo other forms of assessment, but should provide the original of their IB Diploma. The document may be delivered personally or mailed at the above address.