International Education

Posnan British International School, Wroclaw

Darzyborska 1A, 61-303 Poznan, Poland pl
School Summary:
Founded 2000
50 pupils, aged 3 - 16
International primary curriculum IPC), e. g. myp,  
15 staff

The school is located 10 minutes away from the centre of town in a green area.   The school was founded in January 2000 for both the growing international community in Poznan, and the local population.   Children from across the globe attend the school.   The PBIS has a Pre-School, Junior and Lower Secondary section (from age 3 to 16).   The first international school in the Wielkopolska region.
The PBIS follows the IPC (International Primary Curriculum. Polish natives also follow the Polish Curriculum (MEN). The core subjects are English, Mathematis, Science, IPC (History and Geography), Citizenship (from Year7), Craft, Art and Design, Ethics/Religion, German/Spanish (from Yr 4), ICT, Music, P. E., PSHE and Polish (from Year 1). Extra mother tongue lessons.
Most of the Staff are local with a few ex-pat staff. All teachers are fully trained.
The school has airy colourful classes, a large school hall, 2 libraries, a gymnastics room, An Art Room, A Music Room, a Science Room and 5000 sq. metres of outside recreation area.
The school year starts in September and finishes in June. The school day starts at 08. 45 and finishes at 15. 00.
The PBIS aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achive; to promotoe pupil' moral, social, cultural, physical and mental develoment; to begin to prepare pupils for the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world and the responsibilities and experiences of life.