International Education

CLIB - The Braga International School

R. da Igreja Velha - Gualtar, 4710-069 Braga, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 253 679860
Fax: (+351) 253 679862
Email: secretaria@clib. pt
Web site: www.clib. pt


Principal - Helena Pinavaz
Vice Principal/Higher Education Adviser - Richard Davidson
Upper School Coordinator - Jose Horta
Board Chair - Carlos Pina Vaz

Full time:   8 men, 13 women
Part time:   1 men, 3 women
Nationalities:  6   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   UK,

Age Range: 3-18
Total Enrolment: 199
Nationalities: 10
97 boys, 102 girls
Infant Department: 30
Lower School: 104
Upper School: 65

Day only: € 3750-€ 6000
Other Fees: Registration €270
Learning Support Programme
CLIB - The Braga International School is a co-educational English medium school for students from three to 18 years old situated in the city of Braga in northern Portugal. The school is divided into three sections: the Infant, Lower and Upper Schools.
The primary commitment at CLIB is the preparation of students for life in a global community. They are able to reason and act ethically, they are accepting and understanding of diversity, they are aware of global issues and capable of acting on them, they are able to communicate fluently in more than one language, they are equipped with skills required when working with others and they have a sense of personal responsibility to the wider community and themselves and as a result of what they learn during the time at CLIB they are able to make a positive contribution to society.
The school's pedagogical principles are: academic excellence, learning how to learn; co-operative learning; diversity and cross cultural education; democracy; personal needs and concerns; ethical and moral development; the arts; physical education; preparation for life-long learning.
These are delivered in a modern, caring and nurturing environment supported by the latest technological advances. CLIB follows a modified English National curriculum in the Lower School and middle years of the Upper School, and writes IGCSE, AICE and A-Level examinations in the senior years of the Upper School.
Students in Forms 5 to 8 at CLIB are involved in an innovative educational programme called Learning through Research (LTR). The LTR programme has the objective of preparing the students to be autonomous learners equipped with the academic and social skills required to be successful in life, with a greater understanding of the world they live in and the interrelationships between the curriculum areas. This programme encompasses the latest educational research, methodologies and technology whilst encouraging the students to think outside of the box and push their knowledge beyond the limits of the traditional school curriculum.
CLIB offers its students an extensive and balanced after-hours and holiday programme that compliments the school curriculum at all age levels.