International Education

Colegio Luso-Internacional do Porto (CLIP)

Rua de Vila Nova 1071, Oporto, 4100-506, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 22 619 9160
Fax: (+351) 22 619 9167
Email: francisco. marques@clip. pt
Web site: www.clip. pt


CEO - Francisco Marques
Head - Lydia Silva
Director Forum (Form 11/12) - Ana Guedes
Director of Lower School - Stephanie Reader
Director Forms 9 /10 - Hendrikus Kolen
Director Middle School - Susana Davidson

Full time:   17 men, 43 women
Part time:   7 men, 14 women
Nationalities:     CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   UK,

Age Range: 4-18
Total Enrolment: 681
Nationalities: 26
368 boys, 313 girls
Upper School: 168
Middle School: 236
Lower School: 277

Day only: € 5973-€ 8225
Other Fees: Matriculation €480; Deposit €750
Learning Support Programme
The Oporto International School is a co-educational English medium school for students from Kindergarten to Form 12. The school has three sections, Lower School, Middle and Upper School, each of which is run by its own Director.
The primary commitment at CLIP - The Oporto International School is the preparation of students to be literate, competent, educated, skilled, informed citizens, capable of critical thinking and able to meet the transforming challenges of a complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.
The school's pedagogical principles are: - academic excellence, learning how to learn; co-operative learning; diversity and cross cultural education; democracy; personal needs and concerns; ethical and moral development; the arts; physical education; preparation for life-long learning.
These are delivered in a caring and nurturing environment offering the best in educational facilities and technological developments. CLIP follows a modified English National curriculum in the Lower School and Middle, and writes IGCSE, AICE and A Level examinations in the Upper School. The Middle school has an innovative curriculum with Learning Through Research and Technology as a cornerstone of the delivery. This involes utlising current brain research and multiple intelligence along with cooperative learning, problem based learning and other critical thinking strategies.
The vast majority of students from CLIP successfully enter universities in Portugal and the UK. The school also offers a wide variety of after school activities and holiday programmes through the CLIP Clubs that are run at the school.