International Education

Oeiras International School

Quinta de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Rua Antero de Quental, 7, 2730-013 Barcarena, Oeiras, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 211935330
Fax: (+351) 211952460
Web site:


Principal - Maria do Rosario Empis
Vice Principal/Head of Curriculum/IB MYP Coordinator - Laura Swash
Vice Head of Curriculum & IB DP Coordinator - Carla Mandacaru
Business Manager - Filipa Canelas
Board Chair - João Paulo Girbal

Full time:   4 men, 12 women
Part time:   1 men, 1 women
Nationalities:  6   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   International, MYP, IB

Age Range: 10-17
Total Enrolment: 112
Nationalities: 18
56 boys, 56 girls
Senior School: 112

Day only: € 10500-€ 17500
Other Fees: Registration €1, 050-€1, 750
OEIRAS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (OIS) will deliver quality education through the IB programmes. The school is committed to promoting quality education and ethical values in a changing world, encouraging students to become responsible for their own learning.
OIS is an IB World School offering both Diploma and Middle Years programmes for students aged 10 - 18.
Key facts about OIS:
•Only International School in Oeiras County - English is the language of instruction
•Non-Profit Organization granting free tuition through scholarships to pupils whose families could otherwise not afford it. Scholarships are granted based on students’ previous school achievement, an interview on the letter of application stating their life project
•Focus on individual achievement whilst promoting team spirit
•Multi-cultural environment which includes a language policy with special provision for the individual student’s mother tongue
•Gardens and sports facilities open to the public on weekends upon request
•Summer training for the neighbouring children
•Cooperation with the entrepeneurial world
“SAPERE AUDE”, the school motto, is accompanied by the Bugio Island, located where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The resulting logo is meant to be a permanent landmark, inviting students to the challenges of learning.
OIS intends to make the best use of the beautiful facilities of the “Quinta” (originally built for foreign dignitaries during King Filipe II of Portugal ‘s reign in the XVII century).
OIS opened on September 6, 2010.