International Education

Oporto British School

Address Rua da Cerca 338
City Porto
State Portugal
Postal Code 4150-201
Phone +351 22 6166660

At the Oporto British School we aim to be a vibrant and challenging school which opens the minds and hearts of our pupils. We seek to engender a stimulating and inspirational environment in which all our pupils learn and develop. Our objective is to guide and encourage our pupils to develop and progress spiritually, academically and communally, enabling them to take their place in society as responsible citizens.

We believe that every pupil should strive for success whether that is in mathematics, English, science, sport or the performing arts. Fundamentally, our aim is to instil in our pupils a sense of mutual respect, tolerance, leadership and service. Our pupils are well "“mannered, friendly, bi-lingual and engaging.

Our school is proud of its historical roots and traditions and at the same time fully aware of embracing innovative ideas within an international environment.

The best way to gauge our unique atmosphere is to come and visit us

Head of School Tom McGrath