International Education

St James' Primary School

Rua dos Depositos de Agua 339, Cobre, 2750-561, Cascais, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 21 486 4754/5
Fax: (+351) 21 486 4753
Email: pt
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Headteacher - Deborah Da Silva

Full time:   1 men, 6 women
Part time:   0 men, 2 women
Nationalities:  4   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   UK,

Age Range: 5-11
Total Enrolment: 82
Nationalities: 6
40 boys, 42 girls
Year 2: 19
Year 3: 19
Year 4: 18
Year 5: 17
Year 6: 9

Day only: € 4650-€ 4850
Other Fees: Registration €430
St James' Primary School was founded out of the need to expand St George's School, which had existed since 1960.
St James' Primary School believes that each child is a unique being with equal rights, that each child can learn and develop positive personal qualities, that each child should be stretched to the limit of his/her competence, that each child has a right to develop his/her potential and that each child should contribute to the well-being of the earth and its peoples.
The school's policy is the full development of the human person so that in all its educational activities the school helps each child to develop his/her intellectual, physical, social, moral, emotional and spiritual potential so that he/she may grow in freedom and truth.
St James' Primary School is located in a pleasant area, surrounded by a wood. There is a swimming pool in the grounds. The classrooms are large and airy.