International Education

Cernavoda International School

Str Energiei nr 28, 905200, Cernavoda, Romania
Tel: (+40) 241 239090
Fax: (+40) 241 239091
phillipsf@cne-u2. ro
School Summary:
40 students.

Cernavoda International School was founded in 2002 and exists as an independent under the auspices of the Cernavoda Unit 2 Management Team. The school at present operates five composite classes providing for an age range of 5-14 years, meeting the needs of the predominantly Canadian students. This includes a class for Italian students catering for their specific requirements.
All classes are small and staffing levels are generous. It is the mission of the school to provide a high standard of education for the children of the parents involved in the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Project. Apart from the teaching of French and Romanian as second and third languages, English and Italian are the media of instruction.
It is the intention of the school to provide a broad-based curriculum which would prepare and enable its students to transfer and integrate into whichever provincial, national or international system of education they may enter. To support the basic curriculum the school will aim to provide opportunities for extra curricular activities to further enrich the childrens' education. Educational Special Needs are supported only as far as it is possible within the framework of the mainstream classes and facilities available.
The school will foster an open-door approach to education and endeavour to fulfill its role in the village environment by being a focal point of the community.