International Education

International Computer High School of Bucharest

Mihai Bravu Street No 428, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: (+40) 1 327 5443
Fax: (+40) 1 320 9560
info@ichb. ro
www.lumina. ro
School Summary:
National curriculum.
180 students, 15-18 yrs

The International Computer High School of Bucharest (ICHB) was founded in 1995. The school offers comprehensive academic and technical education to students who successfully complete eighth grade and fulfill its highly competitive admissions process. The medium of instruction is mainly English except for the subjects that are required by law to be taught in Romanian. The school offers an alternative education to the State system and is recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education & research. The staff come from Romania and abroad.
The school profile is Informatics, and the English Department is one of the strongest in the country. The maximum class size is 18.
The computer laboratories have up-to-date computers with Windows XP and Linux. There is a computer for each student.
Extra-curricular activities include trips within Romania and abroad, a school magazine, scientific seminars and sports competitions.
All graduated students have enrolled in public and private universities. Although ICHB is a private school, merit-based financial aid is provided in the form of tuition, boarding and scholarships for students. Supplementary courses are available for students who wish to be prepared for Olympiads.