International Education

International Computer High School of Constantza

Tomis No 153, 8700, Constantza, Romania
Tel: (+40) 41 665083
Fax: (+40) 41 545627
info@ichc. ro
www.ichc. ro
School Summary:
National curriculum.
170 students, 14-18 yrs

The International Computer High School of Constantza was founded in 1994 with the encouragement of the Republic of Turkey's President of that period, Mr Suleyman Demirel. It is part of the Lumina Education Institution, and the aim is to equip students with a high-quality education mixed with scientific knowledge.
The school offers students a high school education program intensively orientated toward computer, math, science and English. In addition to a diploma, the graduate students are given Computer Studies and English certificates, both accredited by The Ministry of National Education. Some of the faculty are host country nationals and some are from abroad. English, Turkish and Spanish languages are taught intensively.
The classrooms are computer-aided, with Internet access, and many of them have audio-visual equipment.
There are modern computer, physics, chemistry, biology and language labs, along with a well-equipped library with reference books, encyclopaedias and magazines in English, Turkish, Romanian and other languages.
Class sizes range between 10 and 20 students.
There are clubs such as a Think Bank, Programming, Software, among others. There is a dormitory for the students from out of Constantza.