International Education

Transylvania College - The Cambridge International School in Cluj

Address Str. Baisoara 2A
City Cluj-Napoca
State Romania
Postal Code 400445
Phone + 40 264 418 990
Grade Range Nursery - High School
Min Grade Nursery
Max Grade Year 13
School Type Cross Phase
Student Body Coed
Transylvania College is the only school outside of Bucharest that is accredited to offer the Romanian Curriculum and the Cambridge (CIE) curriculum. It is the only school in Transylvania that offers a complete educational track, from nursery through high school, and the opportunity for older students to experience life in a small Boarding House. Families from all over Romania and from 25 other countries from around the world have chosen Transylvania College for the international standard of education it provides.

Our aim is to give our students an education that is exciting and worthwhile, prepares them for life beyond school, and lays the foundations for lifelong learning. In meeting these aims Transylvania College offers the following choices :

The Romanian National Curriculum for our Romanian Line of Studies (kindergarten and grades pre-k through the completion of middle school at Grade VIII, children who are 3 years old-14 years old).

The National Curriculum of the U.K. and Wales, for our International Line of Studies for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3 (for children aged 4-14).

The Cambridge International Curriculum, for our International Line of Studies for Key Stages 4 & 5 (Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS and A-Level Curriculum), for students aged 14-19.

The school's curriculum and philosophy focus on educating knowledgeable, creative, tolerant, participative and environmentally alert young people who can go on to become successful global citizens of the postmodern world.

At Transylvania College the children benefit from a well-rounded education based on values, acquiring information that is relevant for the world we live in, and, most importantly, for the world they will live in as adults. Classes are taught in an interactive way and the teachers go above and beyond to make learning an enjoyable experience for students of all ages. This ensures great academic progress and encourages the students to become life-long learners. We implement a child-centered approach to education, the teachers helping each one of the students to reach his or her full potential.

In high school the students have the option to select a number of their courses and they are encouraged to focus on developing those skills and the body of knowledge that truly interests them. The Cambridge exams that the students take are accepted at schools and universities in Romania and in over 150 countries. However, first-class universities in England and in the United States, for example, are evaluating students for enrolment based on a complete portfolio and not simply based on academic results. This fact is well understood by the teachers at Transylvania College, and the students are all mentored to develop a winning portfolio, which includes work experience and proof of community involvement and volunteering. 

Transylvania College has initiated a number of programs and events that have positively impacted the local community. For example, the school has implemented a financial and entrepreneurial education program which involved children and students at every level, from kindergarten through high-school and which was later implemented in 21 other schools in the region. Another example is the "œMartisorul Festival", which has hundreds of participants every year! They all have the opportunity to compete for the much coveted first prize: a trip to the United States!

Transylvania College is an accredited BSO school, an Accredited Member of COBIS and a Global Member of Round Square. Our students achieve success and recognition in a variety of debates, competitions and conferences around the world.

We are a growing community, with over 560 students and with over 130 faculty and staff members. Our purpose-built campus includes the first educational building in the country that is built on green principles. Studies have shown that, learning in a building that utilizes natural light, that is built with natural materials and where the inside air is kept clean at all times, the students' pace of learning is improved by 26 % and the results at standardized tests increase by 20 %.

Head of School Gillian Greenwood