International Education

International School of Moscow

Address 12 Krylatskaya Street and Building 41, Rosinka IRC
City Moscow
State Russia
Postal Code 121552
Phone +74999224400
Min Grade Pre-Nursery
Max Grade 13

ISM was established in April 2007. Initially an infant school, it has now grown to incorporate EYFS, Primary and Secondary School to Year 13 with over 900 students on roll. The academic year 2015-16 saw our first university-bound class with all students heading to top international universities, mostly in the United Kingdom and United States.

ISM offers the English National Curriculum in an international context. While following the structure of the ENC as a minimum expectation, much of our work is adapted to reflect the context of the school. Our children are bright, motivated and talented individuals from international backgrounds and our curriculum reflects this.

In response to a growing influx of younger-aged pupils, in 2014 we opened a new campus location on the grounds of the Rosinka International Residential Complex. The campus now accepts pupils from just 2 years of age, providing them with the foundation to succeed in an educational career on an international level. ISM Rosinka adds world class education to an already impressive list of features which make the Rosinka International Residential Complex the primary destination for expatriates families living in Moscow.

ISM believes strongly that ICT should be central to our teaching and learning. Provision is via Apple Mac technology throughout the school. All classes enjoy wireless connection and Interactive Whiteboard Technology. It is our commitment that mobile devices including iPads and notebooks are increasingly embedded into the daily curriculum in classrooms and ICT suites phased out. Currently all students from Year 6 upwards have their own personal device supplied by the school. E-reader provision is offered as part of our secondary library and also used regularly in the English Department.

First time visitors to our school often comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that our community has established. We believe strongly that all members of ISM should enjoy positive relationships. Our philosophy is to ensure that our school remains intimately-sized in order to maintain a family-orientated approach to education.

This philosophy is echoed throughout The British School Foundations growing network of schools in Europe, South America and Asia. While each school is organised appropriately to reflect the context in which it is set, our group does share a common ethos. We believe in the personal development of all pupils alongside academic excellence. We offer a breadth of experience for all and a strong sense of community and citizenship. Our aspiration is to provide world-class education.

In 2013, ISM underwent an extremely successful ISI inspection that identified all aspects of the school to be excellent. This successful report has enabled us to achieve executive membership of COBIS.

Our staff work very hard but are well-rewarded personally, professionally and financially. As a result, many of our teachers gain a strong affinity for the school and find it hard to leave. The ones that do leave often choose to stay within our network of schools and many have enjoyed promotions within the group.

The International School of Moscow is an exciting and enriching place to work and looks forward to greeting new members of staff who have the skills, energy and enthusiasm to thrive in the positive environment that we offer.

Head of School Paul Keach