Study Real Estate in Singapore

The Department of Real Estate is one of the 3 departments in School of Design & Environment, NUS. It offers a full-time and part-time undergraduate honours degree course in Bachelor of Science in Real Estate.

The B.Sc. (Real Estate) course provides an enriching education for persons with an interest in the environment, an inspiration to contribute to the process of shaping the built environment and a willingness to work with people. This course would also be suitable for persons who wish to contribute to the environment in which we live, its development, and the many technological, legal, economic and financial implications of modern land use and development.

Exposure to the real estate and construction industry throughout their course of study enables students to apply knowledge gained from academic studies to real-life work situations. This is achieved through the means such as:

Site Visits
Real Estate Internship Programme

Summer Programme
Student Exchange Programme
Integrated Project
Professional Practice
Residential Week Programme
University Scholars Programme


The B.Sc. (Real Estate) (Honours) course is recognised by the Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy and accredited by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK. Graduates will thus be able to practice in any Commonwealth country.

Admission Requirements

Applicants have to meet the specific subject prerequisites as follows:

  • Good 'A' level passes or equivalent
  • Good 'AO' level pass in Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics or Physical Science

Please visit Office of Admission (OAM) website http: // for more details

Career Opportunities

B.Sc. (Real Estate) graduates are employed in both public and private sector organisations which own, develop, use or manage land and property. You could join them and be a part of the real estate business. Promising career opportunities are open to real estate graduates in areas such as:


  • Appraiser / Valuer - Professionally trained to estimate the quality, worth or value of property, especially in residential or commercial real estate markets.
  • Auctioneer - Auctions property and land. A license is required for practice.


  • Developer - A land developer builds homes, offices, hotels, factories, shopping centres and sells them through the developer's own sales organization or through local real estate brokerage firms.

Real Estate Management:

  • Portfolio Manager- A portfolio manager sees to the over-all management, control and supervision of a number of investments (a portfolio) with the aim of maximizing the return and minimizing the risk.
  • Real Estate Management Consultant / Advisor - Offers professional services to the client investment, design cost, contractual agreements and all other facets of dealing in land and property, locally and overseas.

Urban Planning:

  • Planner - Plans and controls development of land, and the overall physical development of the country

Property / Facilities Management:

  • Property Manager/ Estate Manager - Preserves the value of an investment property to generate income for its owners, through finding tenants, satisfying tenants, negotiating leases, making sure rents are in line with the market, and maintaining the physical property.

Real Estate graduates also diversify into other fields

The multi-disciplinary nature of the course also provides ample opportunities for many Real Estate graduates to secure managerial positions in organizations in a broad range of fields, including banks, insurance companies, firms in the oil industry and manufacturing and training establishments.

The Master of Science (Real Estate), MRE, at the National University of Singapore offers a broad-based professional education at the graduate level in the field of real estate. The program aims to prepare candidates for advanced real estate careers in business, consultancy, research or public service, or in preparation for further academic training by:

  1. Providing exposure, at an advanced level, to the wide range of issues that reflect the principal areas of specialization in the real estate profession;
  2. Stimulating an awareness of the issues involved in international real estate;
  3. Developing analytical and methodological skills that are critical for management, decision-making and problem-solving roles.

MRE offers the following outstanding features:

  • Quality Teaching

The MRE programme is taught by well-qualified and experienced faculty from the Department of Real Estate. The teaching approaches incorporate the best of traditional and innovative methods using problem-based learning, case studies, applied projects, industry guest speakers and seminars

  • State-of-art Knowledge and Tools

All faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research in their respective areas of specialization in the real estate discipline. In addition to the Special Seminar Elective on current issues and topics in real estate, candidates of the programme are welcome to attend research seminars by research students, faculty members and visiting professors.

  • Networking

The small class size and seminar format stimulate active participation, interaction and exchange of ideas among the candidates and the staff. Candidates working in various sectors of the real estate industry contribute to the learning process by sharing their practical knowledge and experiences.

  • International Perspective

The MRE programme is committed to developing an international perspective in all real estate disciplines. In addition to a strong team of international faculty, eminent professors from overseas have also been invited regularly to conduct special elective seminars on current issues. Also, course applicants are carefully selected to ensure a good mix of local and overseas students.

  • Programme Flexibility

The modular structure of the MRE programme allows students to design their specific individual needs. Whilst mandatory core requirements are imposed to dictate academic rigor, candidates have significant flexibility to vary the pace of their programme and to select elective modules in their area of interest. In addition, to the taught modules, candidates can also undertake Field Study on specific problems under the personal supervision of a staff member.

Admission Requirements

  • A good bachelor's degree from a well-recognized university
  • Relevant working experience
  • TOEFL score is required for applicants whose medium of undergraduate instruction is not in English
  • GMAT or GRE score is required for applicants from universities whose academic standards are not known

Application Period

Application for new intake will be called between November and January each year.

Other courses offered by us include:

Postgraduate Courses (Research)
Master of Science (Estate Management)

Postgraduate courses (Research)
Doctor of Philosophy



Department of Real Estate

School of Design & Environment

National University of Singapore

21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077

Fax: + 65 6774 8684





Department of Real Estate

School of Design & Environment

National University of Singapore

21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077

Fax: + 65 6774 8684