Korean Language Program at Ajou University Korea

Korean Language Program is offered as the part of Ajou University's Academy of Foreign Language for all foreigners residing in Korea and overseas Koreans who do not know Korean. With the distinguished faculty and educational environment, the institute is making a good amount of contribution to educating foreigners about Korean culture and society. Any foreign student who studies at Ajou Univeresity's undergraduate or graduate program can also enroll for the Korean Language Program during their study at Ajou.
Intensive Courses:
* For the foreigners and overseas Koreans who want to learn Korean more
* systematically
* Course levels ranging from level 1 to level 6
* Four hours a day, 20 hours a week
* Offer a certificate under the name of the president of Ajou University
* Possible to obtain student visa (for 6-month period, can be also extended in
* Korea)

Regular Courses:
* Three hours a day, nine hours a week (three times a week) or three hours
* a day, six hours a week (twice a week)
* Summarize and digest regular courses to a more intensive scale
* Night Courses (after-work courses)
* Course levels ranging from level 1 to level 8
* Three hours a day, nine hours a week
* For the purpose of improving communication skills at Korean work place in Korean living

Speical Courses:
* Upon the request of the students, private or group tutoring can be also
* provided
* Course Duration: 10 weeks
* Course Commencement Days
* Spring: The first Thursday of April
* Summer: The fourth Thursday of June
* Fall: The fourth Thursday of September
* Winter: The second Thursday of January

Course Registration:
* When: a week prior to the commencement day
* Where: Academy of Foreign Language, Ajou University
* For Your Information
* Tel: 82-31-219-1567, 1562, 1671, 1677
* Fax: 82-31-219-1624, Email: ajou_alsi@hotmail.com

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