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Origin and Evolution

The Global Education and Training Centre (GETC) was the conception and intellectual brainchild of Dr. Romesh C. P. Jayasinghe, an experienced and internationally recognized professional educationist, lecturer and trainer, and psychotherapist who ceremonially founded the organization on the 30th of January 2002 in Colombo 03.

From its humble beginnings and officially operating from Monday the 2nd of February 2002 as a registered private business establishment (W/A 44498), the GETC has now grown in stature and strength by providing valuable and carefully designed short-term professional and vocational education and training programs and services for the adult student population of Sri Lanka. In addition, the GETC as an official/authorized representative in Sri Lanka of the British Study Centres (BSC) Group of Colleges in England, UK, has successfully assisted and guided numerous local students and employed professionals to carefully select and secure admission to various internationally recognized courses of higher academic and professional education conducted at West London College (WLC), Oxford Media & Business School (OMBS) and also at Continental Educators, Singapore.

GETC firmly believes that there are no boundaries whatsoever in the continuous search for knowledge and wisdom, and towards this end GETC is a staunch supporter of the ?education for all? and the ?lifelong learning? philosophies. GETC is now an Institutional Member of the British Council Library in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Vision Statement

The vision of GETC is to become the premier socially responsible service institution for total quality higher education and training services and consultancy in Sri Lanka with a genuine commitment to excellence in Human Resource Development and International Education and Training, which is responsive to global, regional and national needs.

Mission Statement

The mission of GETC is to uplift and develop the individual and the society through the provision of total quality higher, vocational and professional educational and skills training opportunities and consultancy services for maximum Human Resource & Professional Development at competitive and affordable fees, leading to awards of national and international recognition thereby opening the doors to global career and higher academic and research opportunities.

Our Corporate Motto

?Education and Training ? the key to excellence and global opportunities? Contact:


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