International Education

Bilingual School of Zurich - Terra Nova

Florastr 19, Küsnacht, 8700, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 44 910 4300
Fax: (+41) 44 910 4305
Email: info@terra-nova. ch
Web site: www.terra-nova. ch


English Head - Chris Goetsch
German Head - Bea Landös
Business Finance Manager/Board Chair - Daniel Landös

Full time:   4 men, 6 women
Part time:   4 men, 10 women
Nationalities:  9   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, International,

Age Range: 4-13
Total Enrolment: 155
Nationalities: 20
93 boys, 62 girls

Day only: SFR 24600-SFR 24600
Other Fees: Registration fee: SFr 500; Deposit: SFr 4000
Learning Support Programme
The Bilingual School Terra Nova was founded in 1996. It offers classes in German and English for children aged 4 through 13. The school's programme incorporates the Zürich canton curriculum and components of the American and British curricula. Music, art, theatre and sport are also an integral part of the school. As from August 2008, secondary schooling has been introduced as an extension to the primary school.
Teaching is consistently bilingual. For each class there are two teachers who work in their respective mother tongue. Pupils address questions and comments in either language. One of the school's primary goals is to achieve linguistic equality for the two language groups.
Terra Nova strongly believes in an interdisciplinary approach to learning which brings together not only different subjects but also, at times, different age groups.
Within the framework of a strong community both in and outside the classroom, children learn to develop social skills and respect. An intensive exchange between partner cultures stimulates openness towards what is new and promotes tolerance and understanding.
Terra Nova nurtures the child's talents and skills in small groups and applies the appropriate methods of learning and studying to the needs of the individual.
Lessons are from 08: 30 to 15: 15/15: 30 from Monday to Friday. There is a break during the morning classes and another for lunch. There are no classes on Wednesday afternoon. After class, pupils may remain at school under supervision should their family situation so require. A variety of after-school courses are offered. For lunch, the children are served a hot meal delivered by a local delicatessen.