International Education

British School of Bern

Hintere Dorfgasse 20, Gümligen Bern, 3073, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 31 952 7555
Fax: (+41) 31 952 7557
Email: britishschool@bluewin. ch
Web site: www.britishschool. ch


Headteacher/Administrator - Enid Potts

Full time:   1 men, 9 women
Part time:   0 men, 8 women
Nationalities:  6   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   UK,

Age Range: 3-12
Total Enrolment: 100
Nationalities: 27
50 boys, 50 girls
Pre-School: 18
Reception: 24
Primary: 58

Day only: SFR 18000-SFR 18000
Other Fees: Enrolment: SFr 400 (once) F/T students; Enrolment: SFr 200 (once) P/T students
The British School, Bern, is an international day school providing education for children of different nationalities. The school day is from Monday to Friday 09: 00 - 15: 30, although younger children may attend part-time.
The academic programme is based on the latest British and International curriculums. We seek to provide a challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of each student. English is the language of instruction.
Emphasis is placed on educating children as individuals and helping them towards maturity, helping each develop his self-confidence, self discipline and initiative, accepting a personal responsibility for himself and for the welfare of others.
The children are not restricted to working within age-dependent grade levels. Subjects taught include English, mathematics, science, computer studies, geography, history, music, drama, German, French, art/craft, physical education and technology. The student body is international. Students usually transfer to other British or International Schools. All teachers are well-qualified and hold university degrees and/or teaching certificates from their home countries. Specialist teachers provide instruction in music, German, swimming, ice-skating and skiing. The school organizes two Drama Clubs and a School Choir and arranges for children to join girl scouts after school. The school also organizes tennis and dance lessons. Private piano and cello lessons are also offered.
The school actively participates in local events such as the Bern Grand Prix running.
The school year commences in the last week of August, and concludes in the last week of June. It is divided into three terms with breaks for Christmas, Easter and a half-term break in October and February. The school has spacious classrooms, library, music room, computer room, visual aids and creative areas, and grounds outside for recreational activities. Admission is open to all children within the age range, regardless of nationality, race or religion.