International Education

Institut Monte Rosa

57 Avenue de Chillon, Territet/montreux, 1820, Switzerland
Tel: (++41) 21 965 4545
Fax: (++41) 21 965 4546
Email: info@monterosa. ch
Web site: www.monterosa. ch


Director - Bernhard Gademann

Full time:   2 men, 8 women
Part time:   0 men, 0 women
Nationalities:  6   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   US,

Age Range: 8-19
Total Enrolment: 52
Nationalities: 12
0 boys, 1 girls
34 boys, 17 girls

Day only: SFR 33500-SFR 45680
Boarding: SFR 57200-SFR 57200
Learning Support Programme
The Institut Monte Rosa is a non-profit international co-educational school. Founded in 1874 the main aim of the Institut is to prepare students for university entrance, hence the academic program of the Anglo-American Section is strongly college preparatory. Students planning to attend American universities are prepared for College Board examinations and receive the High School Diploma on successful completion of 12th grade. Specially designed courses are available for entry to business or other colleges.
The postgraduate year offers mature students intensive language study with business studies, economics and computer studies.
Students recently completing their secondary education at the Institut have proceeded to universities in Europe and the USA.
All teachers in the Anglo-American section have university degrees. Many live in or near the school. The teacher-pupil ratio allows very small classes and great flexibility in programs. The students represent over 12 nationalities. The average stay is two-three years. Over 90% of graduates go on to four-year universities in the United States or elsewhere.
The academic year is divided into three semesters from early-September to December, early-January to late-March and mid-April to mid-June. The Institut has sports teachers and a comprehensive variety of team and individual sport is offered. A full ski program is organized in winter. Students are expected to do a sports program at least three times a week. Facilities include 24 classrooms, science laboratories, computer room, two study halls, an indoor gymnasium, tennis court and playing fields. Admission is based on previous academic records, together with a personal recommendation from the Headmaster or Principal of the previous school and, if thought necessary, a short entrance examination.