International Education

Institut Montana, Zugerberg

6300, Zug, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 41 729 1177
Fax: (+41) 41 729 1178
Email: info@montana-zug. ch
Web site: http: //www.montana-zug. ch


Principal International Section - Paul O'Donnell
Director - Balz M?ler
IS Coordinator - Marina Lecl?e
College counsellor - Kara Hathaway
IGCSE Coordinator - Jamie Hill
IB Coordinator - David Verity

Full time:   14 men, 14 women
Part time:   4 men, 8 women
Nationalities:  10   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, International, IB

Age Range: 4-20
Total Enrolment: 290
Nationalities: 36
41 boys, 80 girls
80 boys, 89 girls
Boarding-students: 169
Day-Students: 121

Day only: SFR 25900-SFR 31000
Boarding: SFR 53000-SFR 66400
Other Fees: Expenses (boarders) SFr 5, 000; Expenses (day) SFr 2, 000
Learning Support Programme
The Institut Montana was founded in 1926 as a non-profit, international coed boarding school. It comprises an International Section and a Swiss Section.
The International Section’s purpose is to provide an education to prepare students for university entrance. It is a CIS accredited IB world School and students have entered universities in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada and Switzerland.
The Swiss Section prepares its students for entrance to Swiss universities.
In addition to the secondary school program, Institut Montana also has a Bilingual Elementary School offering courses in both German and English. Special courses are available to teach English to students who are beginners in English.
Class sizes range from six to fifteen students, and overall the teacher student ratio is approximately 1: 6. All teachers in the International Section are fluent in English and most are native speakers. Teachers are required to hold a teaching degree and many have earned a Master’s or Doctorate.
The Swiss Section teachers hold degrees from German and Swiss universities and like their counterparts in the International Section have the equivalent of either a Master’s or doctorate.
In both sections the average teacher has more than seven years’ experience and stays an average eight years at Montana.
Currently 290 students are enrolled and the student body comes from all around the world. The diversity is illustrated by the fact that all five continents are represented and students come from more than 36 different countries.
The school year consists of two semesters, beginning late August and including late June. There is supervised study time, activities, excursions and visits to major cities.
The campus is located in an Alpine setting 1, 000 meters (3, 000 feet) above sea level, overlooking the city and lake of Zug. The setting is safe and healthy for students.
The school facilities include three sports fields, four tennis courts and a gymnasium. Within walking distance students can learn to ski on a beginners’ slope.
Institut Montana is situated in the Greater Zurich Region of Switzerland.