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The Chinese language program- Tamkang University Taiwan


The Chinese language program is designed for international students who study Chinese as a second language. Each term consists of eleven weeks. A new term begins each month and instruction is given all year round. Classes are arranged at nine levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced. Small-group classes create an optimal learning situation for developing language skills.


Classes are conducted in Mandarin Chinese National Phonetic Symbols are used for the pronunciation of Chinese characters.


About 700 students are enrolled in the program. The student body is composed of students from Africa,   Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.


Professional teachers who are native speakers of standard Mandarin guide every student's development and take a sincere interest in 'each person's individual learning growth.


The program provides orientation, field trips.and social activities to encourage communication with Chinese students and to develop a Wider comprehension of Chinese culture.

Chinese Language Program
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