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Zudo Japanese Language  School Taiwan

Ever since its establishment in 1978, the Zudo Japanese Language  School is marching towards its twenty-fourth year with dignity. In this infinite time, the passing on of Japanese Language education is its mission and the school has bred many hard working students who grew up and became strong here. With this knowledge, they entered into society and became the elites of the enterprise arena. With stringent teaching quality and excellent traditional teaching method, the school gained an excellent reputation in the industry. Staring from 2001, the school combines with REIKO Professional Japanese Language and brings to this center a brand new style and feature with innovative skill. In addition, the school also dedicates itself in the promotion of the examination course of Japanese Language Profieciency Test to be conducted in Japan in December every year. Apart from this, the school also establishes a relaxed and lively and easy to speak Japanese Language Club with a natural Japanese language environment for student members who lack practice in conversation.

Zudo Japanese
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