International Education



Chang Jung Christian University Taiwan One of the major goals of our university is to meet the country's efforts related to economic development, information technology and North-South relations. Supplying personnel with the necessary know-how for the Taiwan high-tech zone and bridging the gap between rural and urban areas is a good example of where our university hopes to be able to make a contribution. As far as the international community is concerned, in the process of establishing APROC and NII to increase the national production capacity.

By working toward these goals Taiwan hopes to become a center for marketing and high quality processing industry. In its endeavour to meet these challenges Chang Jung University has established a management college where insights of both the information and management fields gave been integrated. This college aims to train qualified personnel-highly practical and visionary professionals-in the fields of enterprise management, information technology and international finance.

The college consists of one graduate school and seven departments. They are:

  • Graduate School of Business and Operations Management

  • Graduate School of Information Management

  • Department of Information Management

  • Department of Business Administration

  • Department of International Business

  • Department of Accounting

  • Department of Aviation and Maritime Transportation Management

  • Department of Land Management and Development

  • Department of Finance

  • Department of Engineering and Management of Advanced Technology

  • Department of Sports and Recreation Management

Address: 396, Sec. l, Chang Jung Rd, Kway Jen, Tainan, 711, Taiwan, R. O. C. TEL: +886-6-2785123FAX: +886-6-2785111Website: http: // twE-mail: tw 


Address: 396, Sec. l, Chang Jung Rd, Kway Jen, Tainan, 711, Taiwan, R. O. C. TEL: +886-6-2785123FAX: +886-6-2785111Website: http: // tw E-mail: tw