International Education

Traill International School

Founded in 1966 as a private, co-educational, English language medium school for expatriate children, Traill International School's immediate success was reflected in its growth in a few years from an initial handful of pupils to full junior school status. A steady growth in popularity and 'name' led to an advantageous financial offer to move the school to a more extensive site and infrastructure with the opportunity for further expansion and development. By 1972 the Traill International School had well established junior and senior departments, the final examinations for the junior school being based on the Common Entrance for English Public Schools and for seniors on the 'O' levels of London University. Regular successes in external examinations of these institutions have been achieved annually until the present day: the present enrolment of the school is about 150 representing a broad international spectrum of students. Emphasis is placed on computer studies. The school has its own sports and games facilities and is also close to a national sports complex. New buildings and facilities are at present under construction. Established contacts enable it, on request, to assist in the selection and placement of a student in an overseas school or university. Class sizes at Traill International School are kept small - generally not above 20, and pupil to staff ratio low. The latter are recruited from the UK and are supported by suitably qualified local teachers. The school motto is 'The End of Education is Character'. Each of the major religions is represented in the student body. The all importance of spiritual values and the pursuit of them is stressed through a program termed Education in Human Values (EHV). It involves teachings, and requires practice and study, in the area in which the essential precepts and moral codes of the world religions are interwoven. A Health Centre is being constructed at Traill International School which will provide facilities available to school parents (free) and other adults for health maintenance and promotion activities. The centre will also include a doctor's surgery.
School Summary:
UK, curricula.
150 students, 5-19 yrsAddress:
36 Soi 18, Ramkanghang Road, Huamark, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: (+66) 2 718 9152
Fax: (+66) 2 718 8546
traill@inet. co. th .