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Dogus International Schools

17 Zeamet Sk Acibadem, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: (+90) 216 428 7121

Fax: (+90) 216 3398036


Web site:


Founder- Dogu Gozacan

Coordinator- Nilufer Gozacan

Coordinator- Ebru Özsahin

Headteacher- Cengiz Erser

Headteacher- Fisun Cetin

Headteacher- Dilek Soydinc


Full time:   34 men, 95 women

Part time:   0 men, 4 women

Nationalities:  7   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

Curriculum:   National,


Age Range: 3-18

Total Enrolment: 624

Nationalities: 5

344 boys, 280 girls

Dogus Kindergarten: 98

Dogus Primary School: 335

Dogus High School: 139

Dogus Science High School: 52


Day only: US$ 5718-US$ 9530

Other Fees: Lunch US$ 1,271 (annual); Transport US$150 (monthly)

Learning Support Programme

Dogus Schools is a private co-educational establishment accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education. Situated in a pleasant residential suburb on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the modern campus, consisting of eight buildings, accommodates the students of Dogus Kindergarten, Dogus Elementary, High, and Science High Schools, and Dogus University. In pursuit of excellence and internationalism in education, Dogus Schools affords its students and teachers a wide range of educational and social facilities, including libraries, conference halls, lecture theatres, mobile video facilities, art and music rooms, exhibition halls, computer laboratories with full internet access, science laboratories, cafeterias, dining rooms, and a ball room. Students take part in a variety of social and cultural activities, such as choirs, theatre groups, debating, school orchestra, band, educational excursions, chess, journalism, and science and mathematics clubs. The school founded its own radio station in 1993, 'Dogus FM', which is on the air daily with a range of broadcasts, including programmes produced by students and teachers. Sport plays an important part in life at Dogus Schools. Sporting facilities include a fitness centre, gymnasiums, basketball and handball courts, table tennis facilities and a half-size Olympic indoor swimming pool. Extracurricular sports activities are also available for students, alumni, parents and teachers in the evenings, at the weekends, and during school holidays. Great emphasis is placed on the teaching of foreign languages. In Kindergarten, students between the ages of three and six undergo an intensive half-day English education programme. English education continues intensively through elementary school and into high school, with the introduction of a second foreign languages programme, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, in the second stage of elementary school. The school ranks among the first 10 schools in Turkey every year in the published official lists.