International Education

TED Istanbul College Foundation

Cavusbasi, Acarkent, Istanbul, Beykoz, 34800, Turkey
Tel: (+90) 216 485 0333
Fax: (+90) 216 485 0311
Email: tuta.ozgen@tedistanbul. k12. tr
Web site: www.tedistanbul. k12. tr


Primary/Junior School Principal - Belma Asam
Asst Gen Manager for Academic Affairs - Tuta Özgen
Lycee Principal - Fusun Ersoy
Kintergarden Principal - Elvan Coban

Full time:   38 men, 170 women
Part time:   11 men, 3 women
Nationalities:  6   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, International,

Age Range: 4-18
Total Enrolment: 1233
Nationalities: 2
589 boys, 591 girls
25 boys, 28 girls
Pre-School/Kindergarten: 108
Primary (grades 1-8): 680
High School: 392
Boarding: 53: 50

Day only: TL 13800-TL 24200
Boarding: TL 10200-TL 10200

Founded in 1998, TED Istanbul Koleji currently has 1, 318 students split into kindergarten, primary and middle grades, K-8 and high school, preparatory plus 9-11, and operates within a dual-language environment of Turkish and English. The TED initials represent 'Turkish Education Association' which was founded in 1928 by ATATÜRK, the founder of Turkish Republic, for the purpose of establishing high standard education for the children of the new and promising republic; with emphasis on teaching English language.
Embracing the slogan 'the school of learners', the administrators, teachers and students form a community dedicated to lifetime learning and service. The faculty consists of highly qualified national as well as foreign-hired teachers. In-service training is considered as essential and the faculty strives for excellence by improving and updating its interactive teaching methods.
TED Istanbul Koleji follows an enhanced Turkish national education system curriculum and focuses on achieving high academic standards and helping make a better world for its students and its students making the world better for everyone within and outside the national boundaries. The program of studies and the curricula implemented at TED Istanbul Koleji promote thinking skills and learning how to learn.
The school considers intellectual, social, physical, moral and aesthetic growth as inherent qualities of any educational policy. In recognition of this, it provides its students with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Athletics, folk-dancing, drama, MUN are a few of the offerings available to students at age-appropriate levels.
TED Istanbul Koleji occupies a land area of approximately 40, 000 square meters ( 28, 000 square meters indoor area) and is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. In addition to the promotion of academic excellence, the TED Istanbul College Board has promoted an environment which represents a state-of-the-art endeavor with its ongoing development of grounds, technical installations, basic furnishings and services such as, transportation, food, health and maintenance.