International Education

Kings' School Al Barsha

Kings' School Al Barsha

PO Box 38199, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 356 6900

Kings' School Al Barsha

School type Coeducational Day

Head of school Mr. Alan Williamson

Number of pupils 1,500

Day fees per annum AED50,200.0 - AED94,400.0

Curriculum UK Kings' School Al Barsha is part of the Kings' Education group in Dubai. Our students achieve exceptionally high academic standards via creative, innovative approaches to teaching and learning; curriculum design and delivery that often break from tradition. We adopt forward thinking approaches that cater for all learning styles.

We deliver the English National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and GCSEs for Key Stage 4, enriched with best practices from other sources such as IB (International Baccalaureate) and RSA (Royal Society for the Arts). Children take steps along their learning journey every day at Kings', developing skills that are transferable and broad. Children are encouraged to become effective, enthusiastic and independent learners who are committed to lifelong learning. Our core subjects of English, Maths and Sciences are enriched by specialist teaching of French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Art, Design Technology, PE, ICT, Computer Science, Swimming, Music, Performing Arts and Islamic Education. Every opportunity is used to embrace first hand experiences and educational visits are used widely to enhance learning.

After School Activities are available every night of the week, and incorporate a wide variety of sporting activities: football, rugby, basketball, netball, volleyball, cricket, swimming and non-sporting ASAs: board games, chess, eco-club, drama, sewing, public speaking, extra Arabic/Maths/Spanish/English to mention a few. Contributing to competitive sport and expressive arts performance is a key ingredient in our student expectations.

The Student Council is an extremely successful organisation across the year groups. It is formed by elected children who collaborated to plan, prepare, carry out and evaluate important whole school aims.

Our edict, "the best by every child", describes the very essence of our work. We stand firm in the belief that a well-rounded, forward thinking education is the cornerstone of a successful individual.

All of the Kings' schools take their strength from the very best of British education, whilst offering a curriculum that is relevant to young people living and growing in Dubai, leading to global destinations in higher education and the world of work.

The expertise of the highly qualified teaching staff, combined with exceptional leadership; supported by advanced technology through our 1:1 technology programme, coupled with our state of the art technology and expressive arts facilities unrivalled in Dubai in terms of future learning ensure that Kings' Al Barsha is a centre of educational distinction.