International Education

Kings' School Dubai

Kings' School Dubai

PO Box 38199, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 348 3939

Kings' School Dubai

School type Coeducational Day

Head of school Mr. Bede Higgins

Co-ed Age Range 3-11

Number of pupils 940

Day fees per annum AED38,317.0 - AED58,314.0

Curriculum Natl Kings' School Dubai is one of Dubai's leading British schools and the only school in the Emirates to have achieved the rating of "outstanding" for eight years since inspections by the Dubai Schools Inspection Board (DSIB). Our edict, 'the best by every child' describes the very essence of our vision.

We stand firm in the belief that a well-rounded, forward thinking education is what young people need to ensure their future success. All of the Kings' schools take their strength from the very best of British education, whilst offering a curriculum that is relevant to young people living and growing in Dubai. The expertise of the highly qualified teaching staff, combined with exceptional leadership, supported by advanced technology and outstanding facilities, ensures that our schools are centres of educational excellence.

Children take steps along their learning journey every day at Kings', developing skills that are transferable and broad. These help children to make sense of the multicultural world in which they live. Children are encouraged to become effective, enthusiastic and independent learners who are committed to lifelong learning.

Our creative, concept based curriculum is unique and evolves each year influenced by the needs and interests of the children, current issues and local opportunities. Our core subjects are enriched by specialist teaching of French, Spanish, Arabic, PE, ICT, Swimming, Music, Performing Arts and Islamic Education. Every opportunity is used to embrace first hand experiences and educational visits are used widely to enhance learning.

Kings' is a 'homegrown' education concept that provides a relevant, future proof, British education with an international perspective for young people, both expatriate and local, growing up in the UAE in the 21st entury. We facilitate academic excellence and work hard to promote physical well-being and instil self-discipline. Our holistic approach to education nurtures well educated, highly skilled, balanced, well-equipped and open-minded individuals who are ready to go out and confidently take their place in the world.