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Here at the University of Hull, we pride ourselves on offering students a traditional education in a modern and challenging, learning environment. Since its foundation in 1928, the University has aimed to forge a distinguished history of providing quality education and rich life experience to students from around the globe. With over 16000 students in total, in any year over 16 per cent are from overseas, and with students from over 100 countries, the University is a vibrant place offering top rated teaching and first class student support.

With such a diverse international community and with a low cost of living, the University of Hull is a safe, and relatively inexpensive place to study. Plus, with an International Students' Association as one of the largest and most dynamic of the Students' Union societies, the University prides itself on creating what is a positive and enriching learning environment for all its international students at both its Hull, and Scarborough Campus.

The Hull Experience

Situated in the North-East of England, Hull is a vibrant and ambitious city with a rich history. From its beginnings in the 13th century as Britain's premier east-coast port, to the present day, Hull can consider itself 'The Gateway to Europe',  with passenger ferries and freight carriers travelling daily to and from the Continent. Alongside its redeveloped marina and modern shopping facilities, Hull has an attractive Old Town, with its cobbled streets, traditional pubs and historic buildings. This adds to the character of a city which both looks forward to the future, and acknowledges the past in its many art galleries and museums commemorating, amongst other things, William Wilberforce's battle against slavery.

The main University of Hull Campus is a bus ride away from the city centre and our students immediately find themselves part of a close, welcoming community. Surrounded by many of the University's student residences on adjacent streets, it houses all the main teaching buildings on a single site. Alongside the library, which holds over 1 million volumes, the campus boasts sophisticated science buildings, the language centre, which is one of the largest and best equipped in the United Kingdom, high technology laboratories and lecture theatres all within easy walking distance.

The Scarborough Experience

40 miles north of Hull, the Scarborough campus is just over a mile from the centre of one of England's most attractive seaside resorts, and less than five minutes from it sandy beaches. Scarborough's rich and varied history is still much in evidence, including its medieval castle, extensive Victorian parks, hotels, and town houses.

Scarborough also has a wide range of entertainment; shops, restaurants and leisure facilities including surfing, fishing, water-sking, as well as being only a brief drive away from the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire. The campus brings together teaching buildings (including dedicated studio and dance spaces), a library, an IT Centre, further Students' Union facilities and Hall's of residences, and offers students a uniquely friendly community environment.

Student Living

Friendly accommodation is available for everyone on both the Hull and Scarborough Campuses. This includes Halls of Residences, purpose built flats, and extremely attractive student housing, all University-owned and mostly campus-based.

The University offers guaranteed accommodation for all single overseas students is available (conditions apply) throughout the course of your study. With an abundance of affordable private sector accommodation also available in both Hull, and Scarborough, there few universities that can boast such plentiful and diverse accommodation as Hull, and where the cost of living is significantly lover that in most cities in the United Kingdom.

The Learning Experience

Whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level you can be assured that you will receive all the help and support you will need to enable you to realise your ambitions. As well as its reputation for excellent teaching, the University works on research projects of major international importance.

With courses in all the major disciplines, including English, History, Law, Politics, Business, Science and the Environment, Science and Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Education, the University of Hull creates world-class citizens, giving them a passport to the world of academic achievement and high-flying careers.

At the University of Hull we also recognise that as a new student you may experience differences in the academic culture. You can rely on our support to ease the transition between cultures both socially and academically.

Support Services

The University offers a range of support services, including pastoral staff in the residences, the Counselling Service, the Careers and Appointments Service, a study advice centre, and chaplains covering a range of denominational groups.

The International Office

The International Office is your first point of contact at the University, and makes sure that everything you might possibly need is taken care of; from the first moment you decide to come to the University, until to the end of your studies and beyond.

Unrivalled in its helpful, friendly support, the International Office has staff from five countries, collectively speakers of more than fifteen languages. With individual International Officers for different areas of the world, the International Office is dedicated to providing a friendly, supporting environment through orientation and on-going familiarisation programmes, and with a full-time International Student Advisor and visa information service, its services help ease the transition between cultures both socially and academically.

The Student Union

The Student's Union, provides many different services to meet the various needs of its students. Whatever your faith or nationality, you will find enthusiastic societies of fellow students welcoming and supporting all the different religions and cultures that make up the diverse worldwide community here on campus.

With its Students Advice and Counselling Centres, the Union supports all aspects of its students' well being from the moment they first arrive, to the end of their studies. The University Careers Service is also open to all students, and further services include the Union shop; the travel centre and Job Exchange service which is there to help you find part-time work should you need it. The Union also includes a bank, an insurance provider and even a hair salon. For those who like their nightlife, the Union boasts no less than 4 different bars and the highly popular nightclub, Asylum. The Student Union also runs the University's many and varied sports facilities, including a large and modern Sports and Fitness Centre and extensive indoor and outdoor amenities for all major sports.

At the University of Hull, our aim is to be your Home away from Home. Your time here at University combines excellent education with a great social life to create an experience that you will never forget. Every student, without exception, arriving at the University of Hull joins not only a prestigious academic institution but a warm, supporting and friendly community where students really do come first.

The University of Hull, Your Way to a Wider World.


The University of Hull




General Enquiries: +44 (0)1482 346311

Order a prospectus: +44 (0)870 126 2000

Email: international@hull.ac.uk

Website: www.hull.ac.uk

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The University of Hull


The University of Hull

Tel: General Enquiries: +44 (0)1482 346311

Order a prospectus: +44 (0)870 126 2000

Email: international@hull.ac.uk

Website: www.hull.ac.uk