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Virgin Island:
Climate:Tropical, tempered by easterly trade winds, relatively low humidity, little seasonal temperature variation. Has experienced several hurricanes in recent years, although with little consequent damage, as well as floods, usually in October or November.
Language:Virgin Islands Creole is an English-based creole spoken in the Virgin Islands and the nearby SSS islands of Saba, Saint Eustatius and Saint Martin, where it has been known as Netherlands Antilles Creole.
Currency:The official currency of the British Virgin Islands has been the US dollar since 1959, a currency also used by the United States Virgin Islands.
Visas: http://www.british-Virgin
Population: The population of the British Virgin Islands is approximately 24, 900 (2010 est) and the official language is English. The population consists of a mixture of British, Spanish, Dutch, Amerindian and Caribbean racial types; in the last twenty years immigrants in search of work from other parts of the Caribbean have more than doubled the population.
Capital City: Road Town, located on Tortola, is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. It is situated on the horseshoe-shaped Road Harbour in the centre of the island's south coast. The town's population was about 9, 400 in 2004.
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