International Education

RBSMInternational Boarding School

Triq Il-Gifen, Bugibba, SPB 3032, Malta
Tel: (+356) 215 84448
Fax: (+356) 215 84447
Email: secretary@rbsm. ru
Web site:


Principal - Snezhana Bodishtianu
Director of Studies - Elena Kisilevksaya
Director of Studies - Galnia Korpus
Director's Deputy - Volodymyr Butkevych
Guidance Counsellor - Svetlana Kuznetsova
Development Officer - Sergei Halquist

Full time:   4 men, 14 women
Part time:   4 men, 5 women
Nationalities:  12   CURRICULUMAND EXAMS:

:   National,

Age Range: 7-17
Total Enrolment: 96
11 boys, 12 girls
41 boys, 32 girls
Elementary: 14
Middle 1: 18
Middle 2: 31
High: 33

Day only: € 3900-€ 4900
Boarding: € 11900-€ 19900
Other Fees: Registration €350; Medical insurance €380; Refundable deposit €500
RBSMSchool was founded in 1997. It is first and still the only school in the world that follows the Russian curriculum outside Russian Federation. The school is situated in small resort town Bugibba on private territory which is under surveillance by security cameras and monitored 24/7.
In the RBSMstudents are following two academic programs: the Russian basic curriculum, and Maltese MATSEC program.
Besides academic disciplines students are to participate in at least one physical and art activity program (e. g. Martial art class and pottery) on mandatory bases.
The RBSMAcademic Block includes:
- 15 classrooms, designed for a maximum of 12 people, with interactive whiteboards; -Language laboratory; - Computer class; - Physics laboratory; - Chemistry laboratory; - Library and administration offices; - the floor of the primary school; -the music recording studio; - the RBSMtheatre ;-the choreography hall;
-the weightlifting gym; - the boxing gym; -the indoor heated pool; - the small sports ground; - the art and pottery studios; the school restaurant is also located in this block.