International Education

Gimnazija Bezigrad

Periceva 4, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: (+386) 1 300 0400
Fax: (+386) 1 300 0440
Email: mirko.
Web site:


Director - Janez Sustersic
Head of Internatiotnal School - Mirko Mrcela
DP coordinator - Irena Cesnik
MYP Coordinator - Veronika Lazarini Filo

Full time:   10 men, 30 women
Part time:   1 men, 0 women
Nationalities:  4   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, International, MYP, IB

Age Range: 14-19
Total Enrolment: 106
Nationalities: 23
44 boys, 62 girls
Diploma: 75
Middle School: 31

Day only: € 5370-€ 0

Gimnazija Bezigrad is a state school. The international programs are partly subsidized by the state and partly by the parents. Gimnazija Bezigrad founded the international section of the school in September 1993. The school offers secondary education for years nine to twelve. After the first three years at the Danila Kumar Elementary School, the MYP students continue years four and five at Gimnazija Bezigrad. The two schools collaborate in the delivery of the program. This program is mostly for foreigners who have to come to live and work in Slovenia.
The last two years, i.e.eleven and twelve are the IB Diploma Program (DP) which has been running since September 1990. There is in each year level a class of twenty, Slovene students and a class of international students.
IB DP graduates from Gimnazija have all been successful and all have graduated from universities in Slovenia and abroad. Many of them have achieved the highest academic degrees from world-renowned universities.
The school offers experimental work and sports. Facilities are currently being upgraded to offer better conditions. The staff work closely with students to achieve maximum results and the teachers are also the students' coaches.