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Dominican International School Taiwan

Dominican International School is a Catholic, private school under the supervision of the Dominican Sisters. It was formerly a contract school for the United States Forces in Taipei. The Sisters are members of the Congregation of the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic. This Congregation is of Spanish origin with the Motherhouse located in Rome, Italy.

In the later parts of 1956, permission from Mother General was obtained to start a school to give Catholic instructions and a good education to American dependents. The first school was organized for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2, and a small house in Chang An east road was rented. In January 1957, the school was blessed by His Excellency, Most Revered Anthony Riberi, D. D., Apostolic Internuncio to China. Three Filipino Sisters started to teach the 16 children enrolled and from that day the enrollment increased steadily. By June 1957 there were 76 students and two more Filipino Sisters joined the Faculty.

A larger house was rented in Liung Chung Street the following school year. In August 1958 a team of American educators (Superintendents of Schools) from Washington D. C.arrived. They examined the teaching qualifications of the Sisters, the curriculum, methods of teaching and the textbooks used by the students. After examining all of these, the American educators all agreed in giving recognition to the efforts of the Sisters to give an excellent education to the American dependents. It was then that Dominican School became a U. S. Government contract school: D. O. D. (Department of Defense) school. Third grade was added.

In 1959, a larger building was rented. Three more grades were added and more Sisters arrived from the Philippines. The first P. T. A. was organized with volunteer officers. A big lot was purchased at the present site of Dominican International School, including strips of land to make the road leading to the lot. This was finished before materials could be brought in for the construction of the building. The first cornerstone was blessed in a simple ceremony by a Dominican Priest in August 4, 1959. Materials were brought in and construction started. By March 28, 1960, classes were held for the first time in the new school. It was solemnly blessed on April 30, 1960 by his Eminence Thomas Cardinal Tien, S. V. D., D. D. Grades 7 and 8 were added the following year. More Sisters came from the Philippines and the enrollment reached 600. As time went by, a modern gymnasium was added, statues erected and a wall placed around the compound. Late August 1960, another edifice was completed. This has 4 classrooms, a laboratory, science room, typing room and music room. Grade 9 was added and the enrollment reached 800. However, with the withdrawal of the American Forces from Taipei, Dominican School became an international school that opens her door to all kinds of nationalities. But it still adapts a modified American curriculum. Even thought Dominican International School has had "growing pains, " it has always been uppermost in the minds of those connected with the school to give an excellent education to all students regardless or race, color and creed.  


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