International Education

Kheireddine Tunisian International School

Address 22 Rue de I' Usine Charguia 2, Ariana -Tunisie
City Ariana
State Tunisia
Phone +216 20 514 444

The Kheireddine Tunisian International School (KTIS) (founded in 2013) is a private, independent, non-profit international school. The KTIS offers quality education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and is licensed by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Tunisia.

At Kheireddine Tunisian International School internationalism is a mindset which is nurtured, embraced, and practiced. KTIS believes that students from different cultures who are studying together in harmony will become peaceful members and leaders of global community in the future. As our motto implies, KTIS students will learn today and lead tomorrow.

At KTIS, we seek excellence and high standards of academic achievement. We also strive to create a school environment that focus on the students' moral, intellectual, physical and social development.   

When you enter to KTIS, you will feel the student-centered peaceful learning environment where all students enjoy learning. Our classes are small, on average between 18 to 22 students, in order to address learning style of individual students and emphasize individual attention. We offer an international curriculum enriched with 21st century skills that prepares students for the global world.

Extra-curricular activities, class activities, field trips and clubs focus on moral, physical and social development of students. Art, physical education, music, Arabic language and French language are part of the regular weekly schedule along with numerous clubs, extra-curricular activities and field trips to focus on moral, physical and social development of students.

Head of School Erhan Guler