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Avrupa Koleji/Europa Kollej

Prof Muammer Aksoy Cad No 10, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: (+90) 212 547 8010

Fax: (+90) 212 547 7942


Web site:


Founder- Talip Emiroglu

High/Elementary School Principal- Ebru GŁnay Arpaci


Full time:   16 men, 66 women

Part time:   1 men, 0 women

Nationalities:  2   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

Curriculum:   National, International,


Age Range: 5-19

Total Enrolment: 552

Nationalities: 8

304 boys, 248 girls


Day only: TL 11340-TL 13770

Avrupa Schools were established with the multi year education experience. In addition to the implementation of curriculum prepared by the Turkey’s Ministry of National Education, Avrupa Schools have adopted a unique education program in conformity with the German and American education systems. Education at Avrupa Schools spans K12 (from preschool to high school) classes. Some of the fundamental highlights of our education are based on ;

• International vision and exposure

• Providing education in at least two foreign languages

• Raising goals towards lifelong success

• Analytical thinking and science education

In accordance with these highlights, our education policy is aimed at raising future generations who are able to be employed in any part of the world by incorporating their own values and cultures with a secular, contemporary and democratic perspective, paying respect to other cultures via international wisdom and language competency.

Foreign language education in our kindergartens commences at the age of three as we thrive to raise children’s cognitive, social and emotional development stages to a higher level through the inclusion of academic activities.

Our primary school provides two foreign languages in the 8 year basic education, which poses a fundamental value for our institution on which the foreign languages program (German, English and Spanish) is also established. Analytical thinking occupies a significant place in our science education programs. In that sense, our perception of education environment is not only restricted in the classroom and it’s highly student oriented. Students at Avrupa Schools acquire the following qualities;

1- They learn at least two foreign languages.

2- They’re success oriented. We rank among the top schools in the national Level Determination Exam (SBS).

3- Sports and arts education are important participants of our education system as every kid is supposed to be engaged in at least one branch of arts and sports.

4- Our students participate in international activities through international projects and exchange programs. They receive an education provided in a secure environment and connected with history and nature.

5- Our students acquire high self-esteem and they display the qualities of responsibility and discipline. We are committed to sustain a positive school culture and climate. Maintaining qualified teaching workforce is also an indispensable goal of our institutions.