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Özel Büyük Kol


Baglar Caddesi No 184, Hulya Sokak No 7, Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara, 06700, Turkey

Tel: (+90) 312 446 6676

Fax: (+90) 312 446 4101

School Summary:

National, curricula.

1200 students, 5-18 yrs.

Büyük Kolej was founded in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey in 1986. It is a private, independent and co-educational institution, offering a bilingual education. Since 1986 the school has continued to grow successfully and includes kindergarten, lower primary, upper primary, and secondary school sections. The school has a modern campus, which includes up-to-date technology, computer labs with internet access, science labs, video rooms, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a dance and ballet studio, a multi-purpose gymnasium, a theater hall, a conference hall, music room and studios, an art studio, a ceramics studio, an infirmary with a full-time school doctor and nurses to care for the students’ and teachers’ health , dining halls and cafes. In addition, to enable the students to think, observe and improve research skills, the school provides an extensive library.

The Özel Büyük Kol school has a dynamic learning environment in which staffed by the excellent faculty.Büyük Kolej offers the Turkish National Curriculum, taught in both English and Turkish, covering grades K-11. The curriculum is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education and encompasses a university preparatory program taught at the school in both languages. Students graduate as proficient English speakers; they score successfully on TOEFL and ESOL examinations as a result of the comprehensive ESL program. Both French and German are taught in the school as a third language.

Full-time guidance and college counselors assist Özel Büyük Kol high school students with self-actualization, career education and the university admission processes through various tests, talks and seminars and deal with academic and social progress of the students of K-8 and they assist Özel Büyük Kol middle school students to be ready for high school. They also provide parents’ services such as consultations on-school-family relationship and monitoring of the general emotional and psychological state of the student in both sections.

The academic program at Özel Büyük Kol is supported by extra-curricular activities which include a variety of international and national sports programs, activity clubs, interest groups, academic and school spirit competitions.

Büyük Kolej has become one of the successful schools in placing students at universities in the country and abroad. All graduates go on to university education, many at the most challenging universities in the nation, some in the United States, Canada and European countries. Graduates keep the spirit of Büyük Kolej alive through activities organized by the Büyük Kolej Alumni Organization.