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Spain is extremely hot during mid-summer, in July and August. The rest of the year the climate is generally temperate in the north, but warm in the south.


The languages of Spain are the languages spoken or once spoken in Spain. Romance languages are the most widely spoken in Spain, of which one, Spanish, is the country's official language. Various other languages have co-official or recognised status in specific regions, and a number of unofficial languages and dialects are spoken in certain localities.


Spain currency or the currency used in Spain is Euro as it is located in southern portion of Europe. Being a part of the European Union and the Euro zone, Spain adopted the common European Currency Euro(symbol: ) in the Year 2002.



In mid-1985, Spain's population reached 38.8 million, making it Western Europe's fifth most populous nation. The country's population grew very slowly throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century and most of the twentieth.

Capital City:

Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain. The population of the city is roughly 3.4 million[4] and the entire population of the Madrid metropolitan area is calculated to be nearly 7 million.

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